Secure Data Backup and Cloud Storage for Business and Home

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Secure and safe
Secure Backup Home Cloud Service
All your important files. Always there when you need them.

Competitive and flexible
Secure Backup Business Cloud Service
Complete data protection for your growing business
Storage and featured
Secure Backup Enterprise Cloud Service
Next-generation endpoint protection for the enterprise
Secure and safe cloud service

Easy setup. Unlimited devices in one account. Continuous backup option. Disk image backup. File Explorer integration. Folder syncing. File archiving. Hard drive for mailing in data.

Competitive and flexible

Choose a storage solution that fits the nature of your data, whether it’s Standard Storage or Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) Storage. Like other Cloud Platform services, you pay just for what you use.
Online storage & fully-featured

Though Cloud Storage can be accessed with a simple API, advanced feature sets add flexibility and power. Object versioning, parallel uploads and CRC-based integrity checking give developers the ability to create robust, sophisticated applications. You can access the API using XML or JSON directly, or use libraries for several popular programming languages.
Intuitive interface. Fastest online backup service. Files and file versions archived, never deleted. Can back up external and network drives. Share files via link. Local backup.
Clear, well-designed interface. Backs up to your own remote computers. Unlimited storage plan. Fast file processing and uploading. Strong security options.
Easy guided setup. Unlimited online backup storage for one PC. Marks backed-up files in File Explorer. Ultra-safe security key option. Continuous backup option. Mobile apps for file access and media playing.
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